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Paragon Product’s range of clinical waste bins are specifically designed for use in sterile environments such as health centres, clinics, laboratories and any other environment that requires maximum hygiene control.

The Irish company’s range of sterilsed waste bins include healthcare pedal bins, plastic healthcare bins, wall mounted bins, glass hospital bins, disability-friendly bins and bins with removable interiors. All bins are treated with SteriTouch, a range of additives which prevent harmful bacteria and mould growth on waste bin surfaces.

SteriTouch protection is manufactured using the natural sterilising properties of silver. The anti-bacterial additives present in SteriTouch are especially important in healthcare environments where hygiene is critical and helps to prevent the growth of infection causing bacteria such as MRSA and E.Coli.

In addition to the anti-bacterial properties of Paragon Product’s waste bins, their complete hands free operation also helps to eliminate any risk of infection.

What are the benefits of choosing Paragon Products’ clinical waste bins?

• The Steritouch anti-bacterial surface finish prevents harmful bacteria and potential mould growth on bin surfaces
• The overall reduction of seams and joins where possible help to conceal both risk and non-risk waste
• Stainless steel pedals reduce the risk from wear on painted surfaces
• Medical grade shock cord and non-porous bag retaining system
• All fixings created with stainless steel which eliminates of the risk of rusting over time
• A special primer system is available to reduce the risk of rusting in moisture rich areas
• Raised feet on bins reduce contact with floor cleaning chemicals
• The hands-free system ensures the bin lid is opened using a floor pedal only
• Screening prints of usage instructions can be applied directly to the product surface which eliminates the need for labels

New clinical waste bins available from Paragon Products

Paragon Products have launched a new mobile hospital pedal bin range ideal for use in high activity areas such as Xray, Theatre and Cathlab rooms. This new product fully complies with HSE Standards and Expectations and comes with a stainless steel pedal and anti-corrosion finish.

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