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"Infection prevention and control measures aim to ensure the protection of those who might be vulnerable to acquiring an infection both in the general community and while receiving care due to health problems, in a range of settings. The basic principle of infection prevention and control is hygiene"


In the Paragon Products product design process we treat infection control as one of ths most important aspects of the overall product design, we have taken various steps during our design process which results in reducing the overall infection risk of the individual product


The Complete Handsfree operation of our Healthcare Bins helps eliminate any risk of infection

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  • Steritouch Anti-bacterial surface finish - prevents harmful bacteria and mould growth on surfaces
  • Seamless design - overall reduction of seams and joins where possible
  • Stainless Steel pedals - reducing the risk from wear on painted surfaces
  • Medical Grade Shock Cord - Non porous bag retaining system
  • All fixings Stainless Steel - Elimination of the risk of rusting over time
  • Special Primer System - available to reduce the risk of rusting in moisture rich areas
  • Raised feet on Bins - reduces the contact with floor cleaning chemicals
  • Handsfree system - ensures lid is opened using foor pedal only
  • Screening - printing of info directly onto the product eliminates the need for labels