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On site training for Clinical Staff is available from Taltech



Training Details


  • How to fit & remove bag
  • Cleaning instructions
  • Safety issues when cleaning & handling bin

 Training can be carried out on site at a time and date that suits your schedule





Cleaning Instructions


Our bins are manufactured in a coated steel material called Zintec & Polyester Powdercoated in the customers colour choice.  This forms a durable finish on our product, listed below are some of the tests carried out & their results

  • Hardness Indentation Test (ISO 2815) - >80
  • Adhesion Test (BS 3900) - Classification Gt 0
  • Impact Test (BS3900) - > 25Kg cm (N)
  • Acetic Salt Spray (ISO 9227) 1000 Hours - Total Corrosion <16mm Max 4mm
  • Humidity (DIN50017, BS3900) - 1000 hours no effect
  • Accelerated Weathering (ISo 11341, DIN 53231) - 1000 hours residual gloss >50%
  • Fire Propagation BS476 Part 6 - overall index performance (1) = 0.0
  • Spread of Flame BS476 Part 7 - - Class 1


Hospital Bins should be cleaned on a regular basis using non abrasive or corrosive cleaning chemicals.

We have tested our products using the standard HSE used cleaning chemical Actichlor Plus & we found that it had no adverse effect and was safe to use.

All bins are provided with information required in Label or Screening form, labelling or screening can become faded over time, replacement labels are available on request

Screening & Labelling

Labels are manufactured using a waterproof & chemical resistant material & printed with the relevant information

Screening is produced by printing the relevant information directly on to the product, the ink used in this process has been tested for hardness & resistance to certain non abrasive or corrosive chemicals such as Actichlor (HSE used cleaning chemical)

In the event of damage to the screen a replacement label can be provided, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.