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Cyclinder Trolleys

Welcome to the range of Cylinder Trolleys at Paragon Products. Our cylinder trolleys are manufactured to cater for all types and sizes of cylinders. We provide a custom made service at Paragon Products to create a trolley that suits your individual requirements. For hospitals, nursing facilities or any service within the healthcare sector it is vital to have high quality transportation and holding devices for all manner of gas cylinders. That is why we at Paragon Products manufacture our cylinder trolleys to meet the highest standards for storage, transportation and cylinder protection. To allow for the efficient transportation of oxygen and other gas cylinders, our cylinder trolleys range is available in all cylinder sizes and caters for all quantity of cylinders per trolley. Also, our range can be fitted with long and short handles to facilitate the transportation of the trolleys. Our cylinder trolleys range allow you to move your oxygen cylinders while protecting the cylinders themselves as they are available in stainless steel and come with our swivel bar locking system and durable base plate.

To order custom made trolleys suited to your requirements or for more information on our range please contact us via phone, fax or email the Paragon Products sales team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

NOTE: Products may vary slightly from pictures shown.

C & D Size Cylinder Trolley


CODE: 4501


L Type Nitrogen Trolley

CODE: 4508


F Size Cylinder Trolley


CODE: 4502


D & E Size 12 Cylinder Cart


CODE: 4503


G Size Cylinder Trolley


CODE: 4504


PD Size Trolley

CODE: 4505


E Size Cylinder Trolley


CODE: 4506


MVE Lab Nitrogen Trolley

CODE: 4507