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Kerry General Hospital

“The people at Taltech are very professional, accommodating, reliable and extremely efficient.” “We sourced a whole variety of recycling and waste management products from the company and we’re delighted with the performance of the products”

“Taltech are always looking for new advancements in their products and they worked with us to design and manufacture exactly what we needed.”

“They show a huge amount of flexibility and there’s a lot of goodwill between us – when budgets are tight and you need replacements and repairs, they are extremely co-operative and helpful.”

Connolly Hospital

“Taltech has always provided a quality product and a great service”

“Our experience has been that other suppliers fall well below the standard of product and service that Taltech provide. They are easy to work with and are happy to implement site specific requirements into their offering.”

Client Name:  St. Vincent’s
Date of Installation: Sept 2012

Project Summary
Supply of Healthcare Bins for Clinical and Non Clinical areas & supply & install of bespoke Staff Lockers designed to specification


Taltech is an existing supplier to St. Vincent’s University Hospital so when Materials Manager John Byrne was sourcing bins and lockers, he requested a quote from Taltech. “I knew that they were well-respected as a supplier here already so I was delighted when they submitted a competitive quote, it made the decision very easy.”

Bins for Recycling
“As far as the bins were concerned we wanted something easy to clean and washable. The anti-bacterial finish is important – given the relevance of infection control in a hospital setting. The labelling on the bins was screen printed onto them which makes a difference too – it doesn’t de-grade in the way traditional labelling used to and that’s more hygienic.”  


Lockers for Staff
Large lockers were needed for the hospital staff and they had to fit a certain space at the facility. John looked at what was available in the marketplace and found that many suppliers were expensive for lockers. Taltech was able to manufacture to the spec. supplied and were cheap by comparison as well.

“We needed lockers to be large, a bit like gym lockers but they had to fit into a designated space so we had to specify the exact height, width etc. When they arrived they had been made exactly as we spec’d it and we were delighted with the quality of the product supplied. They looked great too.”

John has been very satisfied with the performance of the lockers and bins since they were installed

“I’m 100% happy with how they are working in practice – we’ve had no maintenance problems which is one less thing to worry about when you’re busy.”

 Exceptional Levels of Service
Taltech offer a hands-on service “I would say that they deliver an exceptional service and level of expertise is second-to-none. They were definitely among the best suppliers I’ve worked with. They came out anytime we wanted and stayed as long as you needed. And we didn’t have to wait around for them to schedule a visit – they would even come back out if we needed them to.”

Buying Local
John found that by buying from a local supplier, he could get better value in the long term

“You could buy product imported from places like China but at the end of the day you don’t get the same quality of manufacture and with shipping costs too – it’s cheaper to buy from a local manufacturer and it’s great when you get the chance to do that. The fact that they are on-the-ground to sort out any queries helps too”

Regulatory Requirements
By necessity, hospital environments are heavily regulated in terms of Health & Safety and John was careful to tick all the boxes in this regard

“The products supplied by Taltech met all the standards with regards to HIQUA requirements and our own internal Infection Control guidelines. To do that, they need to be manufactured to the highest standards, with appropriate finishes etc. Anything I’ve bought from Taltech has been approved as we’ve worked closely together to make sure that was the case. We would deal with Taltech in the future – without hesitation.”