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Clinical Waster Bin

The rise of super resistant bugs such as MSRA has brought a renewed focus to sanitation efforts in clinical settings.


Stainless steel trolleys are superior to trolleys made of other materials as they are more durable, and because they are easy to clean, are far more hygienic. In healthcare and food catering industries these qualities are of the utmost importance. 

Despite how aware we are of germs and the potential for contamination hygiene is a relatively recent practices.

A cylinder trolley is an essential piece of equipment for any environment that stores and uses dangerous and potentially hazardous gases.
Cylinder trolleys - wheeled containers that store one or more gas canisters and cylinders - are often found in hospitals, medical centres and other health service environments.

Paragon Product’s range of clinical waste bins are specifically designed for use in sterile environments such as health centres, clinics, laboratories and any other environment that requires maximum hygiene control.

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